Easy to Grow Exotic and Flavorful Cabbage

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easy grow exotic flavorful cabbage

Cathy Isom tells you about the different varieties of an easy to grow exotic and flavorful cabbage. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Easy to Grow Exotic and Flavorful Cabbage
chinese cabbage crops in growth at field

Chinese cabbage—also called Napa cabbage—offers a sweeter flavor than traditional cabbage varieties. And, this Asian variety is  just as easy to grow in a home garden: it’s just more exotic and flavorful.

Napa cabbage plants have large, oblong-shaped leaves that tightly wrap themselves around the plant’s head. The stalks are usually white, with pale green leaves stemming out, and the flowers are yellow. Some cabbage plants have loose heads, while others are wound more tightly. However, they all tend to grow around 15-18 inches tall.

There are many varieties to choose from, but the best types of Chinese cabbage include:

  • Chinese Express: This late-season variety has glossy leaves, and it is resistant to disease.
  • Blues F1: An early season variety that’s perfect for planting in the spring. It has blue-green leaves and is resistant to disease as well as bolting. This variety also only takes about 57 days to grow.
  • Monument: A mid-season variety that’s tall with a narrow head. It takes about 80 days to grow, which is the most extended amount of time, but this variety resists bolting.
Chinese cabbage field

When you plant your Chinese cabbage will depend on the type you choose to grow. Most plants do well if you sow the seeds during the spring, while the soil remains cool. To harvest in the fall, you would plant another crop during late summer.

This type of cabbage is a biennial, which means it can grow during the colder winter months with the right cover. It tolerates a little frost, but too much is detrimental to the plant’s health.

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