Easy Fruits and Veggies to Grow in Pots

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Cathy Isom has some easy fruits and veggies we can grow in pots. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Easy Fruits and Veggies to Grow in Pots

Let’s face it, we all want to be green thumbs. And why wouldn’t we want to grow our own food? It really is a lot easier than we think. Container gardening can be done with little fuss, even with the smallest of space, such as a patio.

In small containers, we can grow salad fixings, like loose leaf and romaine. They’re one of best lettuce varieties to plant in containers since they need less growing space than head or stalk lettuces. Basil, chives, and tomatoes are perfect for small containers, too. All require full sun, regular watering and grow their best in rich, organic matter.

Other great vegetables that are great to additions to salads or side dishes include snow peas or sugar snap peas, bell peppers or chili peppers, zucchini, and strawberries.

Here’s one you might not think is as easy as it sounds. Radish. This quick-growing vegetable is so easy to grow from seed and grows well in full sun in most any size pot. Radishes generally do not require fertilizing. Select deep pots to allow roots to freely grow beneath the soil. Sow seeds at a depth of one-half to one inch deep.

And don’t forget the fast-growing combination of highly nutritious and intensely flavorful micro greens. Micro greens are ready to harvest in 2-4 weeks after germination depending on the seed variety and growing conditions. In such a short amount of time, these can be the perfect addition to any salad or sandwich.

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