Almond Board: New E-Learning Program

Taylor Hillman General

e-learning from almond boardThere’s a new e-learning opportunity for growers. Almond Board Program Coordinator, Industry Relations, Rebecca Bailey tells us more about the program.

Listen to the report: Almond Board e-learning

With California Almond growers producing multiple varieties of almonds, buyers are often unaware of the differences and characteristics of each type and variety. Committed to continuing the education about the difference in almond types, the Almond Board of California (ABC) developed a new e-learning course to assist almond buyers in selecting the right almond for the right use.

Sorting through the different varieties, grades and other specifications of almonds can be confusing, but this e-learning course helps almond buyers navigate the different options and learn more about how to select the correct type of almond for use in different products. Course subject matter includes: cost, food safety, variety, usage, specs, grades, size and delivery.

For more information, please contact Rebecca Bailey at or (209)343-3245.