E. Coli Investigation Identifies County, Maybe Other Sources

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E. coli

The Federal Drug Administration announced it had identified the source of the E. coli outbreak in romaine lettuce that sickened over 20 people in October. The FDA said they had found a positive sample result of the E. coli strain at a California farm in Santa Barbara County. The sample was from an irrigation canal in the area used by a single producer. The FDA added in the press release that although this is an important piece of information, the finding on this farm doesn’t explain all of the reported illnesses and the investigation remains ongoing.

The report goes on to further may hint at other possible sources. According to the FDA,  Five restaurants in four states, 11 distributors, nine growers, and eight farms are still all potential sources. That means there could have been more sources of the contamination other than a single farm in Santa Barbara County.

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