DuPont Pioneer Enhances Grower Service and Support

Taylor Hillman General

DuPont Pioneer will showcase new tools and services available to growers from its industry-leading professional advisory network at the 2015 Commodity Classic in Phoenix, Ariz. During the trade show, Pioneer will demonstrate a new mobile-enabled agronomy App and a new input management platform available through EncircaSM services.

“In today’s complex and intensely competitive agricultural environment, growers count on reliable information and insights to help them make the best management decisions for their operations,” said Steve Reno, DuPont Pioneer vice president, business director-U.S. and Canada. “For nearly 90 years, Pioneer has excelled in providing growers with access to an expert field team that provides tailored advice and whole-farm solutions to position the right products on the right acres and improve their productivity and profitability.”

Pioneer showcased the uniqueness and strength of the DuPont Pioneer field team with a new video clip titled “With You from the Word Go,” which spotlights the team of specialized professionals who provide on-the-ground support to Pioneer customers – from Pioneer agronomists to Pioneer sales professionals to Encirca℠ certified services agents.

Top Agronomy Library Now Mobile-Enabled
During Commodity Classic, Pioneer will unveil a new, free Pioneer® GrowingPoint® agronomy App that will enable growers, Pioneer sales professionals and Pioneer agronomists to easily access and search the Pioneer Agronomy Information Service library on any mobile device. This tool provides access to hundreds of agronomy insights, articles and photos across a variety of topics, including weed and pest control, overall crop management and more.

Pioneer has more than 150 technical product and agronomy professionals who lead more than 10,000 on-farm trials and collaborate with dozens of universities across the United States and Canada to conduct Pioneer® GrowingPoint® agronomy trials. This work ensures that agronomic advice is tailored to local conditions and to a grower’s operation and that insight is captured each growing cycle.

“Pioneer has led the industry in bringing professional agronomy services to growers since the 1950s,” said Reno. “I’m proud of this legacy and that today we are making our vast resource library more easily accessible.”

Download the Pioneer® GrowingPoint® agronomy App foriOS (iPhone, iPad) or for Andriod devices. Once installed, resources are available even without a cellular or internet connection.

Input Management Services Draw New Users
Pioneer continues to build on its Encirca℠ services, including the recent release of Encirca℠ Yield Stand to give growers the insight to help them maximize plant stands and yield potential on every acre.

The service helps growers tailor corn and soybean planting prescriptions to unique areas of each field. It includes risk analysis and planting priority tools to make real-time adjustments if weather or other factors interfere with spring planting. At the end of the season, a trusted Pioneer advisor will consult with growers and conduct a yield analysis to learn from every field, every season.  Encirca℠ Yield Stand joins the Encirca℠ Yield Nitrogen Management Service as a cutting-edge input management offering for growers.

Pioneer is seeing strong grower adoption of these new productivity tools with nearly 500,000 acres enrolled in the Encirca℠ Yield Nitrogen Management Service and solid interest in the newly available Encirca℠ Yield Standservice.

Advancements for Corn and Soybean Product Lines
Focused investments in research and development continue to drive innovation in the Pioneer seed product pipeline with near-term launches in corn and solid progression in its North America soybean lineup.

Pioneer launched Pioneer® brand Optimum® Leptra™ corn hybrids in the southern U.S. in 2014 under a stewarded program. With the recent Chinese import approval of the Agrisure Viptera® trait, Pioneer will expand the U.S. lineup of Optimum® Leptra™ corn hybrids in 2015 and growers who use these trait stacked corn products will no longer be subject to grain channeling requirements. In addition,

Pioneer is expected to launch Event DP 4114 early in the second half of this decade, pending regulatory approvals in key import markets. Event DP 4114 will help enable Pioneer to develop higher yielding corn hybrids and expand its triple-stack offerings to about half of its North American corn volume in the years following introduction. DP 4114 received cultivation approval in the United States and Canada in 2013 and will conduct IMPACT™ trials with the product this year.

In soybeans, Pioneer is making solid progress transitioning its North America lineup to its newest Pioneer® brand T series varieties, which will account for about two-thirds of volume in 2015. This year soybean varieties with the Roundup Ready 2 Xtend™ trait will be tested in our IMPACT™ trial system with first commercial sales anticipated as early as 2016, pending completion of field testing and applicable regulatory reviews.

Pioneer also launched BOLT™ technology herbicide-tolerant trait in soybeans, which provides growers with more options and flexibility to manage glyphosate-resistant weeds from the start of the season. For 2015, Pioneer® brand T Series with BOLT™ technology will be available to farmers across the Mid-South in maturity groups IV and V.

Whether growers are seeking best-in-class data management solutions for their planting programs, or a wide range of seed options to help them maximize their yield potential on their farms, DuPont Pioneer has the tools to bring their plans to life.

“With growers increasingly focused on managing against tightening margins, we see our products and service offerings as an important tool for growers seeking innovative solutions,” Reno said. “Our team of experts will be available to help growers identify the right solutions to help get them to their yield goals in 2015.”

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