Drone Data Becomes Cheaper with FAA Rules

Taylor Hillman Technology

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The Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) rules for small drones are out. The rules will become law in August and the biggest change producers should see is a reduced cost for drone data.

FAA Rules Reduce Cost for Drone Data

All Drone Solutions Owner Mark Hull says the biggest difference the new FAA rules will make in August is simply reducing the cost of drone service. “Currently with our exemption by FAA to fly commercially, we have to have a licensed aircraft pilot and a co-pilot or an observer,” Hull says. “That’s two people out in the field, one of which has to be higher paid because not everyone has a pilot’s license. Now with this ‘drone license’ that they are going to offer, we can have someone trained and they can actually fly by themselves.”

Hull says the cost of a second person and a highly-trained pilot passed on to the consumer, and in August, that cost will no longer exist. “It’s going to reduce the cost of doing business as well as lower the cost to the consumer that is paying for the data,” Hull says. “I just read a report this morning that it could reduce costs of up to $16,000 per drone, per year, which is a big deal.”

Hull also believes this will spur investment which should lower costs some all around. “I also think it will allow companies and investors to invest their money a little more freely knowing that the administration has kind of opened the doors and welcomed this technology,” Hull says. “Hopefully it will bring even more innovation and acceptance.”