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Drip Irrigation System Ideas You Can Build Yourself

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You don’t have time to properly water your garden? Cathy Isom has some Do it Yourself Ideas for drip irrigation systems. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Having a drip irrigation system can help keep your plants alive and thriving even when you aren’t around or if you’re planning to be away for awhile. But they can be costly if you buy them in the store. Instead, there are many do it yourself drip irrigation systems out there. And you may already have some of the equipment you need at home.

For example, the drip irrigation bottle. Perfect for small gardens, houseplants, and window boxes. Place a 2-liter bottle in the ground, upside-down, next to your plants. Cut the bottom out and it will drip and water your plants as needed. 

Or, this simple system using leftover and rinsed out empty milk jugs. Use a drill to put multiple holes in the milk jug. Dig a hole and put the milk jug in the ground next to your plants. When finished, cover with dirt but leave space for the spout to be easily filled. It will secrete water as needed in the garden.

If you haven’t heard of olla gardening before, prepare to have your mind blown. Ollas are basic clay pots. You place them in the ground next to your plants. However, you must leave the spout sticking out of the ground to easily fill them with water. Water will secrete through the walls of the clay jar and water your crops. It also helps to water your plants from the bottom instead of overhead because it keeps the foliage of the plants from becoming wet.

Pick the set-up which would work best for your gardening method and make it yourself to save both time and money.

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