DPR Evaluation of Neonicotinoids Making Progress

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The evaluation of neonicotinoids is continuing to make forward progress within the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR).  The agency has been working on neonicotinoid insecticides since 2009 which has resulted in some draft materials being made available for public review.

“We released a risk determination for impacts to pollinators a couple of years ago and so we’re now starting to move to look at what mitigation might be necessary for specific crops and specific products to make sure they can be used appropriately but they’re also not causing undue risk to pollinators,” said Dr. Karen Morrison, DPR Assistant Director, and Science Advisor.  “We’re expecting to do some public outreach later this spring on what the draft materials look like for that.”


Further information regarding neonicotinoids and any public outreach opportunities can be found on DPR’s website.  “All of this will be right on the front page, this is a big issue for us, so it’ll be well promoted there,” Morrison noted.

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Farm & Ranch Headlines ~ 03.20.2020
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