DIY Indoor Garden Projects

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garden projectsIf you are a DIYer, Cathy Isom has suggestions for the indoor gardening projects you can do when weather prevents you from venturing outside. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

DIY Indoor Garden Projects

It’s that time of year when the unfavorable weather can surely put a damper on any outdoor gardening projects you might have. So, on the days that you can’t get outdoors because of rain, snow, extreme temperatures, or wind… why not spend some time doing garden projects that are made for the indoors?

Like building your own container garden for the window. So much food can be grown in even the tiniest of spaces. You can grow things in an old soda bottle or decorative old bucket, or just about any upcycled item.

Another way to pass the time is by designing your next garden and landscape. Really put some thought into how you’d like things outdoors to look, instead of just winging it.

Our garden tools often take a beating or need cleaning. Perhaps a rainy day means giving some extra TLC to those tools that help us out so much.

Other indoor do it yourself projects include designing and building a hanging garden next to a sunny window. Or, creating a vertical planter.

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