Central Valley Grower Receives Distinguished California Agriculturalist Award

Brian GermanAgri-Business, Nuts & Grapes

President and CEO of Allied Grape Growers Nat DiBuduo was honored as the Distinguished California Agriculturalist of the year at the Outlook 2018 Agribusiness Conference in Visalia on March 22. The award is presented by the California Chapter of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers every year as a way to recognize individuals whose substantial contributions have helped to improve the California agriculture industry.Distinguished California Agriculturalist

“I’m humbled by it.  I’m very thankful for the honor being bestowed upon me,” said DiBuduo, “that means I’ve survived a few years of farming and advising of the farmers.”

Before joining Allied Grape Growers in 2000, DiBuduo had already been involved with farming all of his life.  Over the years DiBuduo has been recognized for his tireless work and leadership in the industry, receiving multiple awards.  Throughout his career, DiBuduo has remained committed to improving and promoting the agricultural industry in a variety of different facets.

Along with being recognized as the Distinguished California Agriculturalist, DiBuduo also provided a vineyard and winemaking industry update at the conference.  One of the topics of discussion focused on consumer trends.  “The consumer has shifted a little bit back in their buying habits and are not buying as much of the higher priced wines,” DiBuduo noted.

A shift in the predominant areas of winegrape production towards the northern interior of the state over the past few years was also discussed.  DiBuduo addressed some of the expectations for this industry this year, planting trends and what the supplies look like compared to meeting the current demand.  “We believe that we’re pretty much in balance throughout the state of California, to the amount of supply and the demand as we see it,” said DiBuduo.