Sacramento River, seen in Redding, California.

Disappointment in Central Valley Project Water Allocation Update

Brian GermanAgri-Business, Water

Water Allocation

The Bureau of Reclamation announced a slight increase in the Central Valley Project (CVP) 2024 water supply allocation for south-of-Delta contractors and those in the Friant Division. South-of-Delta agricultural contractors will see their allocation rise from 35 percent to 40 percent, while the Friant Division Class 1 allocation increased from 95 percent to 100 percent. The Class 2 allocation increased from zero percent to five percent. Despite improvements in hydrologic conditions, allocations remain conservative due to long-term uncertainty and regulatory constraints.

However, Westlands Water District expressed disappointment with the five percent increase, citing favorable hydrological conditions and reservoir levels. Westerlands questioned the allocation’s basis, suggesting it may overly prioritize fisheries concerns and lack transparency. Westlands is calling for a higher allocation to support agricultural needs and seeks clarification on decision-making processes for future water allocations.

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Brian German
Ag News Director / AgNet West