Demo Shows Orchard Recycling Options

Taylor Hillman AgNeTVideo, Soil, Specialty Crops

orchard recycling
California producers saw another option for orchard recycling. Organizers said this demonstration aimed to show growers different ways to perform this practice and keep producers thinking about the benefits recycling can have in their orchards.

A University of California Cooperative Extension orchard recycling demonstration showed growers another way of incorporating organic matter back into their soil. Farm Advisor Brent Holtz said trials continue to show the benefits of this practice as the Extension has seen a yield increase in orchards it is testing.

This demonstration used five machines rather than the single IronWolf grinder that was demonstrated in February. Holtz said this process is a bit cheaper and can process more acres per day. Many producers gathered to watch the demonstration and a lot of questions were asked. Holtz said that’s the goal, to keep the conversation about this practice going among growers.

Holtz also hopes that a carbon credit can be created and given to growers who use this practice. That credit could offset some of the cost of orchard recycling.