Dealing with Asian Citrus Psyllid in Imperial Co.

Taylor Hillman Citrus, General

Asian Citrus Psyllid
Citrus growers in southern California are faced with the same disease spreading pest found in parts of the Central Valley. Despite additional findings of the Asian Citrus Psyllid in Imperial County, growers there seem to be coping with it.

Citrus is grown on about 6,000 acres in Imperial County. And for the past several years, a quarantine has been in place because of the Asian Citrus Psyllid. Just recently, more have been found in traps, raising additional concerns. For now, the presence of the pest means continuing to follow rules on movement of fruit and new ways for growers to go about their business. Rachel Nilson is a plant pathologist and entomologist for the Imperial County Ag Commissioners office. She says that growers make sure the bins of unpacked and cleaned fruit are free of steams and leaves. At this point, officials say there is no sign of the citrus tree killing disease being spread by the pest.