compacted soil

Dealing with Compacted Soil

DanSoil, This Land of Ours

compacted soilCompacted soil is something every gardener deals with at the beginning of most garden seasons. Cathy Isom has some ways to deal with compacted soil in your garden. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

When faced with less than favorable gardening conditions such as compacted soil, and turning the soil with a shovel or renting a tiller isn’t an option, the good news is there are other possibilities.

Such as raised beds, Lasagna gardens, aeration and cover crops, and double-dig beds. Each will still require a bit of work, and some time, and depending on which idea you go with, may require a little extra money. If soil is ridiculously compacted like concrete, the double dig bed is probably your best and least expensive solution.

Whichever of these options suits you, the important thing to remember from here on out is to not walk or drive in the garden area as it will compact the soil again. Surround the planting space with paths and size the beds so that they can be harvested without stepping in them. And, always use organic mulch, at least a two-inch layer, which will feed the soil life, and your plants.

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