Dealing with Aggressive, Destructive, Japanese Beetles

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Some ways to deal with Japanese Beetles. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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Japanese Beetles
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Japanese beetles are aggressive, destructive pests in the summer garden. They are known for ruining our favorites things like roses, perennial hibiscus, raspberry bushes and any fruit tree.

When Japanese beetles appear each summer, you have two opportunities to deal with them effectively: Attack adults in summer or newly hatched grubs in early fall. Some ways to get ride of them include knocking them into soapy water, applying pesticides, or using do it yourself traps. The smell of dead Japanese beetles acts also acts as a repellent to Japanese beetles.

Soil dwelling nematodes are naturally occurring predators that hunt down grubs and kill them. Buy them through a company that specializes in selling beneficial insects. Apply in early fall and/or spring. Birds will also feast on Japanese beetles. Provide food, shelter and water, and birds will rally to your yard. Another thing you can do is hold off on watering the lawn.

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Dealing with Aggressive, Destructive Japanese Beetles
Japanese Beetle Larvae
Credit: Jay Wilde/Pinterest