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Date Set for Dairy Quota Suspension Hearing

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A date has been set to consider what to do with the dairy quota system in California.  The California Department of Food and Agriculture will be considering the suspension of the state’s dairy quota program on April 7 and 8. One of the groups looking to make changes to the quota system, StopQIP successfully gathered enough signatures for the consideration of suspending Chapter 3.5 of the Food and Agricultural Code.  That rule grants authority to the state to fund the program through the collection of quota assessments.

If a referendum were to be called, the voting threshold to suspend the rule allowing the quota is lower than making changes to the rule itself; requiring only 49.1 percent of the vote.  While the dairy industry waits for a ruling from the Administrative Law Judge, the United Dairy Families of California group is also continuing to circulate its own petition which looks to phase out the quota system over a period of five years.

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Modern Ag Report ~ 03.11.2020
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