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Input Needed for Dairy Revenue Protection Program

Brian German Dairy & Livestock, Industry

The American Farm Bureau Federation is looking for feedback from California dairy farmers on their proposed Dairy Revenue Protection Program at an informational meeting being held on August 2nd.

Dairy Revenue ProtectionAFBF is looking for comments from the dairy industry before they move forward in the process of presenting the program to the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation.  The Director of Market Intelligence for AFBF, John Newtown said, “It’s good to come out to California, the number one dairy producing state in the country, and get focus-group feedback from dairy farmers that we can use to make the product better.”

The meeting will be held Wednesday, August 2 from 3:00 to 5:00 pm at the Tulare County Farm Bureau office in Visalia.  Those interested in attending are encouraged to register online.  If there is enough interest from those who will be unable to make it to the meeting, AFBF may offer a webinar or follow up call.

If enacted, the program would function outside of the Margin Protection Program and would be administered through the Farm Bureau Insurance Agency.  “The policy, very simple in design, allows a farmer to ensure their quarterly revenue from milk sales,” Newton stated.