Dairy Organizations Collaborate to Address Quota Program

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Several California dairy groups have announced a collaborative effort to evaluate the state’s dairy quota program for the purpose of developing an alternative plan for the future.  The United Dairy Families of California, Land O’Lakes, Inc., California Dairies, Inc., Dairy Farmers of America and the STOP QIP organization will be conducting a multi-phase process aimed at soliciting and analyzing industry input on California’s quota program.

The process will be broken into the think tank phase, followed up with producer feedback and then final analysis.  A series of meetings that took place were intended to solicit various pathways for the state’s quota program as part of the think tank stage.  The producer feedback phase will allow producers to comment and challenge the ideas developed as part of the think tank period.  The most viable ideas will then be used during the analysis phase and will be evaluated for economic impacts and legal pathways to adoption.

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