Dairy Farm Tours

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Cathy Isom tells us why a trip to a dairy farm should be on the family to-do list this summer. That story is ahead on This Land of Ours.

Dairy Farm Tours

With summer vacation just beginning for many schoolchildren across the U.S., families may be thinking of ways to keep the kids busy this summer. One idea, says Maryland Farm Bureau President Chuck Fry, is bringing them to a dairy farm where they can tour the facility and get a better understanding of where their food comes from.

farmBringing them to the farm, they get a little ice cream, they get to see the cows, they put the two together—that milk makes ice cream and cheese and all the other good things. When you’re at the farm and you see that, it’s different than when you read it or hear about it.

Fry says the tours give children a first-person look at where their food comes from.

There’s no filter between the cows and them. And when they see it and they smell it, they taste the ice cream, it’s real and kids can sense real.

With June being National Dairy Month, Fry says he would like to see consumers use more dairy products.

I love dairy products. I was raised on dairy products. I still drink probably a gallon of milk by myself a week. I love everything with the dairy industry from the cow to the cone. It has protein and it has so many benefits, so have that milk and enjoy.

To find out where you can take a tour of a dairy farm in your area, just go to your popular search engine and type the words:  take a tour of a dairy farm.