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Dairy Digester Dedicated

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dairy digester

CDFA Undersecretary Jim Houston speaks at the dedication

CDFA Undersecretary Jim Houston joined the celebration in Fresno County for the dedication of a new dairy digester at Open Sky Ranch – the first digester in CDFA’s Dairy Digester Research and Development Program.

The program is one of several at CDFA supported by the state’s greenhouse gas reduction fund, which is made possible by cap-and-trade funding.

CDFA contributed $973,430 to this digester project, with Open Sky Ranch providing the remainder of the $1,946,864 total. Biogas from the digester will be used to produce approximately 800 kilowatts of renewable electricity annually, enough to power 600 homes.

Additional digester projects are in various stages of development in California. For more information on those as well as the Dairy Digester Program please visit this link.