Culver’s Restaurants Celebrating Farmers with Corn Mazes

DanIndustry News Release

celebratingCulver’s Restaurants Thank You Farmers campaign is celebrating farmers through 12 corn mazes this fall. The company announced last week that to date, 33 corn mazes in 19 states have joined together to show support for farmers and the future of farming over the past few years, with 12 corn mazes announced this year. The idea for growing messages of thanks into corn mazes came in 2014 when Culver’s worked with a student agricultural group in Tracy, Minnesota, to bring the first Thank You Farmers corn maze to life. The restaurant chain has continued the fall maze tradition each year, working with corn mazes from Arizona to South Carolina to Michigan. Each maze design includes the Thank You Farmers message, as well as a variety of farm scene elements like cows and tractors.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.