Cruz Still Pushing for Biofuels Overhaul

Dan Energy, Industry News Release

The lead Senator pushing for biofuels reform, Ted Cruz, met with Environmental Protection Agency Chief Scott Pruitt, one day after the White House announced a biofuels deal fell through.

cruzPruitt had dinner with the Texas Republican on Wednesday night and declined to comment after it was over.

Cruz did say the meeting was about the Renewable Fuels Standard and was planned well before the deal unraveled earlier this week. Cruz feels the deal can still be revived. “The conversations are ongoing,” Cruz says, “and I believe there’s a win-win deal for everyone.”

After months of negotiations, the Trump Administration struggled to find a balance between two of his key constituencies, Midwest farmers and the oil industry. Refiners are complaining about the cost of complying with the mandate while farm-state lawmakers say the law is a crucial safety net for their rural constituents.

EPA administrator Pruitt is under fire from renewable fuels advocates, who says he’s undermined the president’s pledge to support biofuels. Pruitt is also under fire for questionable decisions and allegations of ethical misconduct.

Refiners, who support Pruitt, agree with Cruz that it’s too early to write off a deal.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.