Creative Marketing Catching Consumer’s Eye

Taylor HillmanFruits & Vegetables, Specialty Crops, Tree, nut & vine crops

Some growers are starting to get creative when it comes to crop production and marketing, to stay up to date with consumer trends in stores.

Catching Consumer’s Eye

Shanley Farms started as an avocado producer in the Central Coast and has since branched out to several areas of the state where they grow many other crops like finger limes. Marketing Director Megan Shanley says they often work with a trusted buyer to help them find what will catch the consumer’s eye. One product specifically that they are happy with is their Gator Eggs. Shanley says they were looking at a way to market the small avocados in their groves as a single-serving size. Shanley says packaging is the key to any successful product, to stand out to the consumer in the grocery store.