Crafty Ideas for the Garden Fence

Dan This Land of Ours

craftyIn the second orf her series on sprucing up the garden fence, Cathy Isom has some crafty ideas for putting up a barrier or fence around the garden. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

If you are looking for some do it yourself ideas for a fence or barrier in your garden. How about a wine bottle fence. Even if you don’t drink wine, ask friends or relatives to save wine bottles for you Drill a hole in the center of the bottom of the bottle, and thread dowel rods through the bottles. The dowel rods can then be connected to a top and bottom rail. The resulting fence can be very colorful and will play nicely with the light.

For fences with solid sides, you could grab some paint and a brush and create gigantic flowers painting some stems and leaves. Or use repurposed objects like hubcaps, old gears, and bucket lids, as the flower heads.

Another option is to tack painted crates onto the fence like shelves and put flower pots with actual flowers in them.

Simple Patterned Murals is another idea.

Fences are also perfect for placing birdhouses and insect hotels, especially those geared towards attracting pollinators.

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Image credit: (top feature image) A patio wall created from glass bottles/permission for use granted by Debra Anchors, Upcycled Garden