New Cow Milk Benefits Found for Babies

Taylor Hillman Dairy & Livestock, Technology

Cow Milk
Some recent research looking at specific components in both human milk and dairy milk may make cow milk more enticing for some babies and help drive future dairy growth around the world.

New Dairy Benefits Found for Babies

Bank of America national executive of food, wine and agriculture Cornelious Gallagher told attendees at the Golden State Dairy conference what he believes will help drive future growth in the world. He says finding added value in the dairy waste stream will increase the products value.

Gallagher says researchers are looking for added value in both the waste stream and the product itself, including some work that might make dairy even more beneficial for some babies. Washington University in St. Louis headed the research with several partners including University of California Davis and Hilmar Cheese company. The research found the same beneficial sugars in cow milk that babies need in human milk.

Gallagher says the multi-university research aims to find and add new value to an age old product. Read more about the research from UC Davis.