COVID-19 Concerns as Production Season Ramps Up in Fresno County

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Growers in Fresno County are making preparations for the approaching busy season with warmer temperatures on the way.  CEO of the Fresno County Farm Bureau, Ryan Jacobsen pointed out that this point in the year is when things really start to ramp up.

“March being a little bit of a slower month, April really starts to accelerate because we have continued plantings going on,” said Jacobsen.  “We start to reach more of the harvest seasons for vegetables and everything else as we move toward the later part of the month.”

The impact that COVID-19 is having on available labor can vary from region to region, but it is still a concern as the pandemic continues. “There are those businesses that maybe have had to deal somewhat with COVID-related absences, but I think it’s only going to exacerbate itself if this continues to get worse as the season starts to get really ramped up here,” said Jacobsen.

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Farm & Ranch Headlines ~ 04.15.2020
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