Cotton Acreage in California Increases 17 Percent for 2022

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Final mapped California cotton acreage numbers have been announced by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA). Despite the lack of water, growers have planted more cotton this year. Final mapped numbers have been announced through CDFAs Pink Bollworm Program. Figures indicate that growers have planted a total of 131,037 acres statewide, representing a 17 percent increase.

Cotton Acreage in California

Pima acreage increased 16 percent over last year, with a total of 101,407 acres. Upland acreage was reported as 29,627 acres, an increase of 20 percent over 2021. Kings, Merced, and Fresno counties represented the vast majority of overall cotton acreage in California. Kings County led the state in Pima acreage with 39,772 acres. Nearly 37 percent of upland acreage is in Fresno County, with 10,958 acres.

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Cotton Acreage in California Increases 17 Percent for 2022
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