Cooling Temperatures Help Start the Citrus Season

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Citrus Season

Cooling temperatures appear to be helping the citrus season move forward. Crop volume is expected to be down slightly for this year, but producers are excited about the quality. President and CEO of California Citrus Mutual, Casey Creamer said that the season has had a slow start up to now. The later arrival of cooler temperatures had an impact on fruit color.

Citrus Season
Casey Cramer
Courtesy California Citrus Mutual

“That’s just a weather issue and is clearing up in some parts of the state. It’s not a quality issue at all,” Creamer noted. “The weather patterns have shifted here recently and you’re starting to see some colder nights. Getting below 50-55 degrees really helps with that coloring of the fruit. So, just a little delay in the cooler weather delayed the start a little bit.”

Listen to the radio report below.

Cooling Temperatures Help Start the Citrus Season
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