COOL Retaliation & Its Impact on America

Taylor HillmanGeneral

The World Trade Organization (WTO) Appellate Body will soon rule on Canada and Mexico’s case against the United States on the mandatory Country of Origin Label (COOL) requirement on muscle cuts of beef and pork.This is the fourth and final decision by the WTO, and in the three previous decisions, it has ruled against the United State’s COOL law.

If the United States loses this case, Canada and Mexico have indicated their intention to retaliate on hundreds of U.S. products, ranging from meat and fruit to jewelry, furniture, and biofuels. Pending arbitration, retaliation claimed by Canada and Mexico could be economically devastating.

Canada and Mexico are our top export partners, and these preferred relationships are vital to our local and national economies. The tariffs would harm companies and threaten jobs in every state. Find out the impact COOL would have on a wide range of products in your state and their export value by clicking here. The figures are estimated based on the preliminary retaliation list provided by Canada and past retaliatory tariffs implemented by Mexico.