Converting Your Lawn to a Garden

Dan Fruits & Vegetables, This Land of Ours

convertingIf you haven’t already, it is time to get to work on that vegetable garden. Cathy Isom has a few more great tips for you about converting your lawn into a productive garden. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

If it’s time to give up on the lawn and turn it into the garden, or keeping a small patch of grass and using the rest of it for a garden, you may want to consider these things:

You’ll need to choose a good spot for growing. Plants need sun, water, and soil to thrive, so it’s important to find the best possible spaces for growing food. Sun should be a major factor.

It’s also helpful to have a water source near to the garden. The last thing you want to do is roll out a 50-foot garden hose.

You may also want to consider raised beds, which are a great solution for any soil woes.

For areas that you’ll still want to keep just a patch of grass, such as for seating areas or to have a picnic or picnic table… rather than creating a monoculture grass lawn, let the weeds merge with the grass. It’s still green. It can still be cut regularly and still look nice. And don’t forget some of those weeds are actually edible.

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