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Consumers Want to Hear About Sustainable Ag Practices from Farmers

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Being proactive with consumer engagement about sustainable ag practices can be one of the most effective ways to garner trust in the market. Over the past few years there has been an increased emphasis on transparency in food production.  That focus allows the agriculture industry to share the successful efforts of responsible production with an eager public that wants to learn.  “It’s not the easiest thing to do but open it up, open doors, don’t be afraid,” said Editor at Large at GreenBiz, Bob Langert. “I think many are afraid because a lot of these sustainability issues are complex.”

As Chief Sustainability Leader at McDonalds for nearly 30 years Bob Langert learned that the agriculture industry itself holds a lot of weight when it comes to trust among consumers.  “They believe NGO’s, they believe scientists, they believe farmers, ranchers…the consumer just wants to see you being sincere, authentic, that you’re trying hard.  Just be yourself and by being yourself I think you’ll be promoting sustainability in your industry,” Langert noted.

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