“Connect Americans Now” Formed to Improve Rural Broadband Access

Dan Industry News Release, Technology

americansA group of community leaders, rural advocates, and industry innovators have come together to form “Connect Americans Now.” Their goal is to work with the Federal Communications Commission and other policymakers to ensure that there is sufficient unlicensed broadband access in every market in the country. The end-goal is unlimited broadband connectivity by 2022.

Richard Cullen, the executive director of Connect Americans Now, says all Americans deserve access to high-speed internet, regardless of where they live. “Without a broadband connection, students struggle to keep up on their assignments,” he says, “Americans can’t fully utilize telemedicine, farmers are denied the promise of precision agriculture, and businesses can’t tap into the benefits of online commerce.”

CAN will be forming partnerships across rural areas to educate Americans on the benefits of increasing internet access. They’ll also be spearheading a campaign in Washington, D.C., where the FCC has the authority to make sufficient unlicensed spectrum available in each market for high-speed internet.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.