Congressional Timeline for the Remainder of 2021

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Congressional Timeline

Congress returned to work last week after extending government funding through a continuing resolution to provide funding through February 18. Vice President of Washington Operations for the National Cotton Council, Reece Langley said that by that time Congress will need to either approve a full year appropriations bill, or another continuing resolution. Congress also has additional priorities to work through before the holiday break.

“The Senate primarily is focused on the next steps in trying to move forward with the Build Back Better reconciliation package which the House has passed but we expect the Senate is going to make changes to it. The leadership there is hoping to get that approved or moved through the Senate by Christmas and then it will have to go back to the House for consideration again before it can be sent to the President,” said Langley. “Also on the to-do list for Congress this month is to deal with the debt limit increase. The indications are that really needs to be done within the next two weeks, again before the holidays.”

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Congressional Timeline for the Remainder of 2021
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