Conaway Warns of Crop Insurance Fight

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A crop insurance fight may be on the horizon as the farm bill gets crafted. Congressman and House Agriculture Committee Chair Michael Conaway spoke about the potential at the 2018 Crop Insurance Industry Convention in Scottsdale, Arizona. “There’s a fight ahead perhaps on crop insurance,” Conaway told AgNet West’s Gary Cooper. “The renewal of the farm bill will give the folks who are not to keen on the safety net to come after crop insurance and we’re gonna work really hard to not let that happen.”

Crop Insurance Fight

Conaway was asked about the farm bill and what his focus was on several topics including how the Senate would approach some of the same issues. “I am focused right now on getting it through the House,” Conaway said. “The things that I can control, we are pretty much there…hopefully, the last half of February and then March, we can get a mark in the committee and then through the floor.”

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