Coldwell Solar Displays Energy Savings at World Ag Expo

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AgNet West spoke with Director of Ag Project Development for Coldwell Solar Jamie Logan at the at the 51st World Ag Expo taking place at the International Agri-Center in Tulare.  With offices in Tulare, Bakersfield, and Petaluma, Logan noted that the company focuses on building a relationship with their customers to find out exactly what their needs are.

“A lot of times, you really need to get in front of the grower or the dairyman, whoever you’re talking with,” said Logan, “in my opinion, they’re just looking for some they can trust.”

Founded in 1986, Coldwell Solar has provided systems for multiple different types of farms of all different sizes.  “We have projects anywhere from 50kW up to multiple megawatts, it just depends on the operation,” Logan said.

The personal touch that Coldwell Solar takes with each individual operation helps highlight the positive impact a solar system can provide for farmers.  “The main benefit to solar is offsetting your kWh charges, and some demand charges you can eliminate in most cases.  And then there’s your standard 30 percent tax credit,” said Logan.

While at the expo Logan described himself as an educator and not a salesperson, as the company focuses on providing information to those thinking about solar for their farms.  “We try hard to get out here with these people and get in front of them and educate them on how solar can help their business,” Logan said.


Listen to the interview below.