Coalition Calls on Governor Newsom to Address Supply Chain Challenges Threatening California Ag

Brian GermanAgri-Business, Industry

Supply Chain

Over 165 California agriculture, business, logistics, labor organizations, and local officials have sent a letter to Governor Gavin Newsom and State Legislators, highlighting supply chain challenges within the state. The coalition, representing various sectors, expressed concerns about current supply chain issues exacerbated by pending and proposed state policies affecting freight, imports, and exports. The letter emphasizes that ill-supported regulations without adequate infrastructure and flexibility will lead to severe consequences, such as slowed imports and exports, higher prices, job losses, and economic hardships, particularly in disadvantaged rural communities.

The letter specifically requests an immediate meeting with Governor Newsom to discuss the tangible impacts of state policies attempting to rapidly change how businesses operate without the necessary technology or supporting infrastructure. The coalition aims for collaborative discussions with the administration on regulatory relief and infrastructure investments to find mutually beneficial solutions that enhance the California economy and simultaneously address environmental concerns.

Highlighted in the letter is a need for a results-oriented conversation around the economic feasibility, technological challenges, and lack of essential infrastructure required for the state’s policies targeting pollutant and greenhouse gas emission reductions by 2035. The letter points out that meeting immediate zero-emissions deadlines is unattainable due to utility constraints. “Respectfully, we understand that aggressive deadlines energize clean air goals but our assessment is that these will eventually prove to be unrealistic unless government provides sufficient financial support and regulatory flexibility to make them happen,” the letter states.

The coalition seeks assurance from the government to allocate necessary financial resources and collaboratively work with all supply chain stakeholders to identify and respect real-world constraints, ensuring the successful implementation of air quality policies. Governor Newsom is being asked to consider the broader impact on urban and rural communities. The letter closes, stating, “The clock is ticking on the entire supply chain, making a meeting with you and the Coalition imperative as soon as possible.”

Brian German
Ag News Director / AgNet West