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Clever Ways for a Sustainable Halloween

Dan This Land of Ours

cleverCathy Isom has some spooktacular ideas for some clever ways to have a more Earth-friendly Halloween. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Clever Ways for a Sustainable Halloween

When we think Halloween, some things that come to mind include ghosts, goblins, trick or treaters in scary and cute disposable or plastic costumes, plastic bags, plastic buckets, and ultimately millions of plastic candy wrappers at the end of the day.

cleverThere are ways of making this commercially-driven holiday a little less plastic and a little more ecologically-focused without taking the fun out of it. For example, instead of buying giant plastic bags of candy, make homemade treats.

Make holiday decorations with natural or upcycled items. Pumpkins of course. They make great indoor and outdoor decorations. And, when Halloween is over, we can toss in a compost bin.

For costumes, reuse costumes or make new ones. Check with friends or online swaps.

A more sustainable Halloween doesn’t have to be too tricky. After all, our planet is the ultimate treat.

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