Networking and Education at Citrus Showcase

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A citrus showcase brought growers to the Central Valley last week to network and hear the latest developments with the industry’s biggest concern, huanglongbing disease.

CCM President Joel Nelson on HLB and the fight for water

Citrus Showcase
California Citrus Mutual (CCM) held its annual showcase last week in Visalia. Citrus growers from all over the state came to network and learn about the latest in huanglongbing (HLB) and Asian citrus psyllid (ACP) management, labor relations and laws and regulations. CCM President Joel Nelson says the event is a great networking opportunity; after all, that’s how the showcase started. It used to be a big barbecue-type gathering that many in the industry attended.

The Citrus Research Board sponsored two sessions that introduced attendees to some of the research they have been funding. Attendees learned about new early detection possibilities with promising research coming out of University of California Riverside. They also heard how breeding and genetic programs are working to find an answer for huanglongbing.

Stay with AgNet West for more news from the conference, including two possible early detection methods that can alert a grower to a potential issue.

More about CCM
From California Citrus Mutual: It is our mission to represent the CA citrus grower and share with members of the public, the legislature, regulatory agencies, and others how the citrus industry supports the economic and environmental health of CA and its people.

As the industry’s primary advocate, CCM promotes and creates beneficial policies that protect growers from escalating costs and regulations. Much of our work is subjective in nature, but there is a tangible return on investment for membership in CCM.

CCM engages in matters ranging from trade, to air quality regulations, pest and disease issues, pesticide regulation, labor, water, and federal and state legislation on behalf of the CA citrus industry.