Christmas Decorations from Trash

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christmasIf you are into making your own Christmas decorations, Cathy Isom has some interesting ways to show you how to make your Christmas decorations from trash. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Christmas Decorations from Trash

Turn garbage into decorations for Christmas.

Take empty toilet rolls and make them into Santas.  Paint one end of the toilet roll red and the other pink, use the paper to make a hat (just roll it into a cone shape), and glue on the cotton for a beard, buttons, and pompom.

ChristmasTake burned out lightbulbs and turn them into snowmen.  Paint the glass part of the light bulb white. After it dries, either using paint or markers, give it eyes, a nose, buttons, and whatever else. Two tiny twigs can be glued to the sides of the light bulb to be arms.

Make ornaments out of Mason Jar lids.  adding either old wrapping paper or fabric to the center bit, fastening it in place with tape or hot glue. On the flat part, pictures, images, drawings, or wrapping paper can be glued over the porcelain side and the shiny side can be left to reflect light. Need present tags? Use cereal boxes, magazines or old wrapping paper to decorate the print side and use the plain side to write names.

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Christmas Craft – Toilet Paper Roll Santa Claus – Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Video by Easy Kids Craft

Easy Kids Craft is back with their Christmas Craft series. This Toilet Paper Roll Santa Claus is super cute and an easy craft to do with your kids.

So let’s get started…

Here’s the full list of the materials you’ll need:

• Toilet Paper Roll
• Cotton balls
• Glue
• Red paint
• 1 x red circle of card 4 1/4in
• Scraps of black, gold and cream card or paper
• Googly eyes
• Black and pink markers
• Paper clips to hold things together while they dry

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Image credits: (Top right) Newspaper, Magazine Chain for Tree/by Steve Snodgrass/Flickr
(Bottom left) How to Make a Light Bulb Snowman/WikiHow