China Phasing Out More Pesticides in Push for Food Safety

Dan Environment, Industry News Release

chinaChina will begin eliminating the use of 12 pesticides over the next five years as it looks to improve safety of farm produce.

The move comes amid an ongoing campaign to improve the environment and tackle soil pollution, according to Reuters. China has already withdrawn 22 of what the nation classifies as highly toxic pesticides from farm use, and it prohibits the use of any such products on fruit, vegetables and tea.

An agriculture ministry official from China says there are still many toxic chemicals in use on other crops, while calling for more research and development to produce highly-effective alternatives with low toxicity.

Beijing announced two years ago a goal to achieve zero growth in the amount of pesticides used by 2020, and says it has already seen negative growth over the last three years.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.