China Approves More GMO Crops

DanIndustry News Release

cropsChina’s Ministry of Agriculture announced it has approved two more genetically modified crops for import into the country. A Reuters article says it’s the second move in the past month to expand access to biotech seeds as a part of Beijing’s 100-day trade talks with Washington. The Ministry approved Syngenta’s 5307 insecticide-resistant corn sold under the Agrisure Duricade brand. It also approved Monsanto’s 87427 glyphosate-resistant corn, sold under the Roundup Ready brand. The approvals are good for a period of three years, starting from July 16th. The move brings the total number of approved genetically modified crops to four. Four other products are still on a waiting list for Beijing approval, including products from Monsanto, DuPont, and Dow. A DuPont spokeswoman said the company was disappointed its Pioneer insect-resistant corn was not included. The other three on the waiting list were Dow’s Enlist soybeans and two alfalfa products from Monsanto. The moves come as China promised to speed up the review process for GMO crops. While GMO crops can’t be planted for food in the country, corn and soybeans can be imported and used in animal feed products.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.