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Cathy Isom takes us on a farm venture with the new children’s book teaching youngsters how to connect farming with food production. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.




Casey & Friends are back with a new book – Busy on the Farm. It’s the sixth in its series of books for children ages four through eight, in another fun and entertaining, yet educational, story about caring for livestock.

Busy on The Farm helps children understand the connection between agriculture and food production highlighting the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – or STEM – used every day in farming. With its entertaining and whimsical cartoon characters and educational content, Busy on the Farm can help both farm and non-farm children learn about modern agriculture.

The book’s author Holley Dufek, with her six Casey & Friends educational books, believes the series can serve as a beginning-level ag literacy tool for young children. She notes that even though the number of farms continues to decline, the agricultural industry has many programs promoting a wide range of agricultural career opportunities.

The Casey & Friends book series combines real action photographs with bright illustrations and a cast of cartoon characters that were created by the same artist who created Pixar’s Cars movie. The Casey & Friends series started with A Year on the Farm that talks about what a farmer does during a full year.

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From Octane Press:

About the Author Holley Dufek


Holly Dufek has spent nearly 15 years writing and editing educational curriculum for publishers such as Holt McDougal, National Geographic Education, and Riverside Publishing. Holly has worked to develop content to enrich the National Common Core Standards for elementary through high school classrooms. Born in Lacrosse, Wisconsin, she attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison for her bachelor’s degree, double-majoring in English and History. Her first classroom experience was substitute teaching while in graduate school at DePaul University for her Master’s in Education. Holly did her practicum in U.S. History. Licensed to teach History and English through the 12th grade, Holly decided to turn her focus on curriculum development. A Year on the Farm is her first published children’s book. Working with an amazing design team to bring agricultural education to life has been one of the most enriching experiences for her.

Holly lives in Kenosha, Wisconsin with her husband, Matt, and their three children.

Images used with express permission of Octane Press.