harris ranch beef

Central Valley Meat Company Acquires Harris Ranch Beef

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harris ranch beef

California’s largest cattle-raising operation, Harris Ranch Beef Holding Company, is being sold to the Central Valley Meat Holding Company.  While the financial details of the transaction have not been disclosed, the acquisition will make Central Valley Meat Holding Company the seventh largest beef packer and processing operation in the country.

According to an announcement by the two companies, Harris Ranch Beef Company’s 800-acre Central Valley feedlot with a capacity of 250,000 cattle, along with its slaughterhouse and processing facilities will be sold to Central Valley Meat Company.  Both companies will be retaining their brands and will operate independently under the combined ownership of Central Valley Meat Holding Company.  According to Harris Farms, none of the company’s other entities will be impacted by the transaction, including the Harris Ranch Inn and Restaurant, Farms Division, Horse Division, and River Ranch will remain fully owned by Harris Farms.

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