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Celebrating National Fruitcake Day

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national fruitcake dayCathy Isom gives us a bit of history about a day celebrated by fruitcake lovers young and old. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Celebrating National Fruitcake Day

Christmas may by behind us, but one holiday tradition continues across the United States on this day which is known as National Fruitcake Day.

Every year on December 27th so many households may still have an abundance of fruitcake which made with chopped candied or dried fruit, national fruitcakenuts and spices and sometimes soaked in “spirits.”

Fruitcake has been a holiday gift-giving tradition for many years. In America, mail-order fruitcake began in 1913. Commercial fruitcakes are often sold, from catalogs, by charities as a fundraising event.

In 1935, the expression “nutty as a fruitcake” was coined during the time Southern bakeries, Collin Street and Claxton, had access to cheap nuts. Most mass-produced fruitcakes in America are alcohol-free.

Some traditional recipes include liqueurs or brandy and then complete the fruitcake by covering it with powdered sugar. Brandy soaked linens have been used to store fruitcakes as some people believe that they improve with age.

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