Celebrating National Bourbon Day

Dan Corn, This Land of Ours

celebratingCathy Isom has you celebrating the official spirit of America, after your day is over, of course. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

June 14th is National Bourbon Day. So join friends and raise your glass of this sweetened amber spirit and celebrate great whiskey.

Bourbon is a whiskey which is only so named if distilled in the United States. To legally be a considered Bourbon, it must be 51 percent corn, stored in new (not aged) charred-oak barrels, distilled no more than 160 proof and barreled at 125 proof.

This particular whiskey derives its name from the Kentucky county which was established in 1785 and was a large producer of corn. The corn, once distilled, would be put in barrels and stamped “Old Bourbon” and shipped down the Ohio River.

In 1964, a Congressional Resolution designated Bourbon as America’s native spirit. Since then, there is nowhere else in the world that can make a whiskey and call it Bourbon.

Pour a glass of Bourbon and use #NationalBourbonDay on social media.

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