Cattle Rustling in California

Taylor Hillman Cattle, General

cattle rustling
When you hear “cattle rustling” do you think of John Wayne or Jimmy Stewart movies? More than Hollywood tales, it remains a serious crime. Sabrina Hill has more.
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It brings to mind images of the old west, but did you know cattle rustling is a crime still investigated and prosecuted here in California? In fact, a division of the CDFA is dedicated just to this. It’s the Bureau of Livestock ID.
cattle rustling The bureau keeps track of the transport, sale and slaughter of cattle with actions such as verifying documentation and the use of legal brands. They also work with departments from other states on cattle rustling cases, like a case earlier this year that started in Oklahoma. It ended with the arrests of three suspects in Los Angeles. They’re accused of selling stolen calves at a sales yard in Kern County. For more on this unique line of work, click here.