Cattle Loss Limited from Montana Wildfires

DanIndustry News Release

montanaMontana has lost almost a half million acres of land thanks to wildfires. More than half of that acreage total came from just one fire. The Montana Stockgrowers Association tells Drovers Cattle Network Dot Com that cattle losses from the fires have been limited. 29 fires are currently active in Montana, with the bulk of them burning in the western part of the state where cattle numbers are more limited. The biggest fire is the Lodgepole Complex fire in eastern Montana. “Most of the people affected by the Lodgepole fire are getting a better handle on things,” says Jay Bodner, Director of Natural Resources for the Montana Stockgrowers Association. “Luckily, we did see minimal cattle losses from the fire.” So far, there haven’t been any reports of major cattle losses from the fires. Some cattle were unfortunately electrocuted by power lines when a power pole burned down. Bonder says he doesn’t think the cattle death toll will be as widespread as the fires that ravaged the southern plains in March. The latest drought monitor shows almost 12 percent of Montana is listed under the most extreme category of drought.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.