Canada Veterinary University Receives 20,000 Acre Donation

Dan Cattle, Dairy & Livestock, Industry News Release

Canada’s University of Calgary’s faculty of veterinary medicine has received a substantial gift to continue its mission. A father and daughter duo have donated an entire working ranch and 1,000 head of cattle to the university.

veterinaryThe Calgary Herald reports that in terms of monetary value, W.A. Ranches – which is valued at $44 million – is the largest gift of a ranch that has ever been made to a North American university. And, in terms of size, at nearly 7,700 hectares, or 20,000 acres, it represents the biggest gift of ranch property in Canadian university history.

University of Calgary president Elizabeth Cannon called the donation “transformational,” adding that it “will propel our faculty of veterinary medicine to the global stage.”

The donation was made by businessman and philanthropist J.C. Anderson, 90, and his daughter Wynne. The two have operated the ranch since 2005.

Source: National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.