Canada Won’t Place Further Restrictions on Dicamba

Dan Environment, Industry News Release

restrictionsCanada will not follow a move by the U.S. to place further restrictions on dicamba herbicides. Health Canada, responsible for regulations of herbicides, says it supports the current Canadian labels for dicamba.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently increased restrictions on the use of dicamba sprayed over crops, after the first season of use for dicamba-resistant soybeans turned up about three million acres with crop damage.

However, as AgCanada reports, there appeared to be a much lower level of damage in Canada. In a statement, Health Canada said it was aware of the dicamba drift challenges in the U.S., but says Canada has already mandated that labels of dicamba products include spray drift precautions, use directions and buffer zones.

The U.S. made dicamba herbicides for crop use restricted products, meaning applicators must be certified and follow a specific set of regulations, including what time, and under what conditions dicamba can be applied.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.