Canada Increases Bovine TB Quarantine

Dan Cattle, Industry News Release

Farm cattle quarantine
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency announced earlier this week the federal quarantine in Alberta and Saskatchewan now includes about 50 premises as inspectors continue the investigation into a micro bovine tuberculosis outbreak. The list includes more than 26,000 animals. The number of cattle confirmed to be infected with TB has remained at six since last month. However, roughly 10,000 some cattle may have been exposed to bovine TB. All the infected animals and animals exposed to TB have been or are due to be destroyed, and all farms now under quarantine are scheduled for on-farm testing. Online publication AgCanada reports the testing could be completed by early January, given the current pace of testing. The federal agency says compensation teams are still meeting with ranchers and all affected producers have been provided with a point of contact with the government.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service.